Arena Rex PDFs:

Game Rules (Revised Edition, v2.0)

Organized Play:

Arena Rex Adepticon Open MMXXII

Arena Rex Trials of Cerberus MMXXII

Arena Rex Adepticon Open MMXIX

Arena Rex Adepticon Trials of Cerberus MMXIX

Arena Rex Gen Con Open MMXVIII

Arena Rex Adepticon Open MMXVIII

Arena Rex Gen Con Open MMXVII

Arena Rex Adepticon Open MMXVII


Arena Rex is an innovative tabletop skirmish game. The experience has been built from the ground up to be tactically deep, yet streamlined and accessible. A low model count combined with easily digestible rules make Arena Rex easy to pick up and play. Alternating activations, opposed die rolls, and out-of-turn reactions keep you engaged throughout the game.  A dynamic round structure offers new gameplay and tactical opportunities unique to Arena Rex. Damage trees offer new levels of control within a flexible combat resolution system.

Getting Started:

You can get started playing Arena Rex with only 3 models per side. The standard game size is 5 minis per player, a battle of this size usually takes about 45 minutes. You'll need a measuring device and some D6. Arena Rex's fatigue mechanic requires a token for each mini you field and every Arena Rex miniature is supplied with this token as well as our custom, doric inspired base, a 4x6 art card with background info, and a game rules reference card.


In Arena Rex, our game factions take the form of famous ludi that inhabit our world. These ludi serve as soft factions as Arena Rex has very open force construction rules. When constructing a gladiator cohort to fight in the arena you may take any mix of gladiators and beasts you desire. There are potent bonuses for keeping mostly within a single ludus.


Board Size:

Arena Rex is played on various board sizes, we recommend an arena that measures about 30" in diameter. Building your dream arena is part of the fun; players should feel free to build whatever shape and size game board they like. 



Our 6"x6" color rulebook was crafted with care. It contains equal parts background and game rules. 



The following "Intro to Gameplay" video was created during our Kickstarter campaign. The basics remain unchanged, but some additional mechanics have been added. We'll refresh the video in the near future: