Sereqet (with riding Zahra)

$ 45.00

Giant scorpions have long been revered by the desert tribes for their hardiness, and prized by the rich for their rarity and supposed medicinal value.  Riding them in the open desert has become a rite of passage for the sandborn, and driving one to a city where a buyer awaits can mean a windfall for the tribe.  While they can be trained, they can never be tamed -- the difference is seldom apparent to fools, and experience comes too late to guide them in the afterlife.

Sereqet is a Beast and a Titan. Beasts and Titans may be included in your cohort normally or may be placed in the arena as a living hazard.

Sculpture credit belongs to Stephane Nguyen van Gioi, illustration by Amber Blade Jones. Painted by Benjamin Williams.

The resin Sereqet miniature is supplied unassembled with an optional riding Zahra, alongside a plastic 60mm Arena Rex base, activation token, art card, and game card.

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