Tactics Spotlight: Ludus Magnus September 2, 2015 23:30

Hi folks, and welcome back to the spotlight. 

Last week I promised you a look at a Major Ludus, and the world of Arena Rex has no Ludus more major than Ludus Magnus, the great school of the Roman Republic. Founded in Rome in the late 8th century AUC and transplanted into the Catonian Amphitheatre Complex in 808, Ludus Magnus is the only gladiatorial school with a charter to operate under the control of citizens within the Republic. 

Visits from foreign Ludi are scheduled months and years in advance; the contracts for gladiators are specified by armament and style rather than by name to ensure the terms can be met for each event.  Riders are often attached to the contracts naming star participants for huge bonuses, but the one thing no official of the Republic leaves uncertain is the date and size of an event. 


The gladiators of Ludus Magnus are therefore trained to rely on their own ability to incite the crowds. Whether facing a foreign superstar or the dregs of a borderland dungeon, their performance reflects their patron’s investment just the same. 

The gladiators in Ludus Magnus are by and large very individual characters.  While some support other gladiators well (notably Viatrix, Iason, and Marcus Furius), each of these gladiators has been trained to stand on their own in the arena above all else.  Ludus Magnus gladiators also tend to have stronger favor generation, as well as more abilities tied to the spending of favor than the other factions (on average). They are all great choices to mix in alongside another Ludus, and have the classic gladiator styling that so many fans of Arena Rex love. 

While each of the Ludus Magnus characters is an individual capable in nearly any circumstance, they really shine when they work together to drive the crowds wild.  
Rouse is a great way to start gaining a favor advantage if you’re willing to push yourself to clear turns. It’s also great for redistributing fatigue in combination with the generic Recover tactic, or using the arena to your advantage with Incite. 
Flourish makes a killer favor engine late in the game, and makes sure that adding Favor to your attacks with Ludus Magnus pays off throughout the game. 
Circus Maximus lets Ludus Magnus gladiators take real advantage of their Favor, using it to bully opponents out of bothering to roll their own Favor in opposition, and making sure that even exhausted Ludus Magnus gladiators are always a force to be reckoned with when Favor is on their side.


Next week we’ll continue the tactics spotlights with the other side of the denarius: a detailed look at Legio XIII’s distinctive martial style.

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