Design Spotlight: Sven October 14, 2015 22:08

Hi folks, and welcome back to the spotlight.  Last week we talked a bit about the Atlantean contribution to the Zephyri, and this week we will see the first design insights onto the other coast with Sven.



As Vargr was the first Atlantean to make it into Arena Rex, so Sven was the first of the Norse to enter the arena.  Part of the idea of blending the two cultures was not only to provide a blend of visual themes and equipment, but to really find the intersection of sensibilities in how these people might have learned to work alongside each other with more prolonged (and somewhat anachronistic) exposure. 




While the decorative motifs and equipment are one aspect of this blending, there is also a blending of philosophies that pervades the ludus.  Sven was our answer to the simplicity present on the Norse side of the equation. Again we wanted a minimal design, and kept to basic breeches with a traditional leather belt. 

A long straight sword with a hilt and pommel evocative of Viking metalwork was an easy choice. The stalking and hunting vibe we wanted him to evoke made sense with a spear, which we also kept very simple, and we left him with bare feet to emphasize the agility we imagined in the character.  We did add a little asymmetry to give him more protection and a bit more of a fit within our lineup of gladiators, employing maille and metalwork on his left side to fit him in with the themes we had already begun with Vargr.

Yasmine did a great job of carrying this feel through into the artwork, and Olivier Nkweti’s sculpting does a fantastic job of evoking the quiet focus and careful motion at the heart of the character we imagined. Benjamin Williams, as always, adds another layer of life to the model with his paint work, and keeps true to the minimalist theme.

Thanks again for joining us in the spotlight, and as always, I hope you enjoyed reading.  Next week we’ll spend some more time in the design spotlight with the Zephyri, though I can’t tell you who we’ll be looking at just yet!